Camillo Rickyey is one of the Main Characters in Bolty Adventures.


Camillo Rickyey is a antropomorphic azure blue lightning bolt of plasma (possibly), Wears pointy shades simillar to Dirk's ones from the webcomic Homestuck.


He attempts to be the "Cool Guy" from the gang.

He usually buys food but never eats it, examples can be seen when he usually talks about cheese fries.

Camillo seems to frequently share what he buys or gets, yet he never uses it to himself, another example is that he never eats his cheese fries, but he shares it with his friends.

He seems to be considered as a "Dank boi" or a experienced shitposter, also seen in the episode "Hey, buy some for me!" when talking to Nick.


"The following details and the article Camillo Rickyey may contain Bolty Adventures Prologue/ACT1/ACT2 spoilers. "


  • This character is confirmed to be demisexual.
  • It's likely that Camillo has a crush on Clara , or viceversa.
  • is one of the few highbloods to have lowblood friends.
  • It's also likely that he may be a fan of the 2009 webcomic called "Homestuck"
    • Even his glasses are simillar from the character Dirk Strider from the same webcomic.
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